Purpose: Develop Invaluable impact varsity baseball players through innovative training, weekly development ​workshops, and game day experience

Explanation of ABC fee's

participation fee

Fixed amount that each individual player/family pays regardless of what age or specific team/roster they are on. Currently $2195 ($695 deposit due upon registration; $1500 balance due in two installments - $750 Feb, $750 March)


The overall motivation is transparency. The ABC organization desires to be transparent in regards to how/where you are investing your finances. ABC is a steward of your families time and trust. We take that responsibility very seriously.

Below is an explanation of the fee's associated with seasonal/annual participation in the Austin Baseball Club. On the Registration page you will find a memo titled "ABC by the Number$" which provides a detailed breakdown and road map on how each individual ball player (and family) can maximize their time and investment with ABC.

Please don't hesitate toemailme with any questions or concerns.

showcase/travel stipend (per player) - variable amount

 All ABC fall/summer showcase teams incur additional expenses (above and beyond the participation fee) that are unique to each individual team. After registration concludes, rosters are set, and tournament, showcase, and exposure events have been finalized, we are then able to determine the additional (if any) per player premier showcase/travel stipend for each team (if applies). Not all ABC teams qualify or participate in premium showcase/exposure events or incur team travel expenses.  Premium showcase events require a higher entry fee and often travel expenses for coaches not accurately forecast prior to the release of final schedule. The per player stipend is a combination of premium showcase event entry fee's (at times as high as $1600-$2750) vs traditional weekend tournaments; and travel expenses for individual coaches to all out of town premium showcase events. These travel expenses are not factored into the ABC summer participation fee ($2195) thus assessed as an additional stipend. Each individual ABC team has a unique schedule and do not incur near the expenses related to travel. All ABC team travel expenses are divided equally amongst the families on the roster (and not included in the participation fee)

Each ABC team is scheduled and budgeted a minimum of six tournament/showcase events in the summer (and fall). Summer entry fee's ave $700 per event (fall $375), which is industry standard for an “everyday” / average local/regional tournament in the summer (or fall). Premier showcase tournaments and exposure events carry an entry fee from $850-$2750. Not all ABC teams play in premier exposure events (due to strength of roster, ability to compete). We do not set the final summer tournament/showcase schedule for individual teams until we have finalized the roster and assessed the strength of the roster. Travel expenses are often a result of playing in premier/ high entry fee events causing individual teams to incur travel expenses for coaches that are also unique to each team.

  • Could we just play in average/everyday local and regional events that do not require premium fee's? Yes, but no. ABC seeks a professional balance when making the schedule for each individual team that includes local, regional, and at times, national events. We place a premium on competition and exposure at all ages.
  • Why not just bundle an arbitrary additional dollar amount into your participation fee upfront? We have chosen to wait to make sure that the final schedule warrants a showcase/travel stipend. ABC will field teams each season that DO NOT incur a showcase/travel stipend due to the dynamics of their schedule. Premium showcase events are designed to maximize exposure, but carry a premium entry fee and often additional travel related expenses for coaches (entry fee's can be as high as $2750). A portion of each ball players participation fee is budgeted for average and industry standard tournament entry fee's. Premier exposure and showcase events demand entry fee's that are hundred's of dollars more, and, at times, double the industry average. ABC seeks a professional balance when making the schedule for each individual team that includes local, regional, and at times, national events. We place a premium on competition and exposure.
  • What you can expect: summer season: 15U/16U teams ($150-$300); 17U team ($300-$400; $1400-$1700 if team schedules week long travel to the Perfect Game 17U National Championship showcase in Atlanta , Ga; includes round trip airfare, 7-8 nights in hotel, van transportation, $2750+ entry fee, coaches travel expenses, etc). fall season: 15U-18U $100-$200

uniform package

summer $100: two different ABC game hats, two different ABC game jersey's, one ABC practice shirt

fall $50: one ABC game jersey, one ABC game hat, one ABC practice shirt

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