John 15:5, "I am the vine and you are the branches. The one who remains in Me, and I in him, will bear much fruit. For apart from Me you can do nothing."

Purpose: Develop Invaluable impact varsity baseball players through innovative training, weekly development ​workshops, and game day experience

Handouts (supporting docs)

*handouts are general notes/data points and best understood when supporting commentary from coach Prater, not stand-alone docs.

What: ABC-Baseballa-Palooza designed to provide Continuing Education on a healthy list of topics. Coach Prater is your host and MC for a unique "classroom format" seminar designed for both players & parents both; together; same time-same place. Indoor, air-conditioned, tables, chairs, coffee, water followed by food, beverages & fellowship.

When: the summer 2018 Palooza will be hosted Sunday 6/10, 1:30-5:00 (followed by fellowship with opportunity to order food, beverage, snacks from Hideaway Kitchen).

Hideaway Kitchen & Bar adjacent to the Ramada in near IH-35 and Ben White - 4323 South IH 35, Austin 78744  (sits just south of the Omni Hotel)

What is a "classroom format"? parents and players bring something to write with and write on. Open-mind, ready to listen and called on to participate. Topical handout(s) will be provided *this is a player & parent event. I am not going to turn away a player by himself or parent(s) without player.

Itinerary/time line: Three +- hours is a long time and you are welcome to come & go. Pop in for what you want to hear, pop out when you have had enough. I am dividing the Palooza into three sections: (*these time frames are close approximations).

Section #1 (1:30-2:00) is a talk I am titled "Hold the Game Loosely". The purpose is to help ground you in perspective. I know how this journey ends. I will l help you identify what circumstances and events "change the outcome" and what don't; as well was help you take stress out of the Process. I will share from my own Faith Based journey through the Process and encourage you to Hold the Game Loosely and trust God. No doubt this will sound preachy and I will be talking about my personal faith and testimony.                                                                                                                      

Section #2 (2:00-3:15) "The Love Language of the Game". You are going to learn you have been speaking the wrong baseball language for a long time and have no clue of the "love language of the game". Quick topics like: Invaluable vs Insignificant, exclusive look-in at scouting materials and what scouts grade/look for (I have scouted professionally), DNA of an Impact Varsity Player, Love Language of the Game, etc.                         BREAK (3:15-3:30)                                                                                                        

Section #3 (3:30-4:45) "College Recruiting 101 & 201, 301". Exposure to what you need to know regarding College Recruiting process, developing a College Road Map, online recruiting services, showcases & camps; what to attend, when to attend, WHY ATTEND??!!?? Myths, Do's, Dont's, and STOP wasting your time.
*I will be emailing supporting handouts for each section for you to print prior to attending

Boring! Maybe, however, if you will stick your toe in on Sunday (come and go or stay for whole session) I honestly think you will be pleasantly surprised. My personal journey took me from little league All-Stars, to varsity as a freshman, all district, all state, signed scholarship to Univ of Texas, drafted out of high school, junior college, signed pro contract (even though I counld't hit), 6 year professional career, coached professionally, scouted professionally, started ABC 20 years ago and have mentored thousands of families through their high school baseball time-line. I know what I am talking about.

Sign up? Cost? We will be in a large meeting room with tables and chairs (coffee & water; food service provided by Hideaway for individuals who want to order -and pay- off their menu).  There will be a ball bucket with a suggested $10 per family donation at the door to cover the room cost and materials *but not mandatory; or you can
donate $10 online to off set expenses now.